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  • 1:35:19 mins

This showcase features narrative short films where a musician or performer is a main character in the movie.

In this program

En Pointe

Directed by Megan Lee

When a young ballet dancer has the opportunity to compete in a hip-hop dance crew audition, her ambitions…


Directed by Soran Shokri

An Iranian girl musician trying to save a warbler bird from being captured in a concert hall.


Directed by Liv Boren

Twelve-year-old Vivienne sneaks into her first concert with the help of her older brother. But a sudden on-stage…


Directed by James Okubo

Danny, a Hawaiian musician, needs to pay rent by the end of the day. He reluctantly meets with…


Directed by Michael Lucas

A young woman escapes into her creativity, and curiosity. Until she is abruptly interrupted by a stranger.

Sometime, Somewhere

Directed by Logan Findlay

In a quiet village pub, a touring country singer must come to terms with the journey that has…

Jesus Would Have Loved Punk Rock

Directed by Abbey George

Veronica and Annie are fed up with the oppressive and corrupt nature of their Catholic high school, determined…


Directed by Sam Henderson

Shot on Black & White 35mm and set in the 60s, BREAK is the story of a young…

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