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  • 1:30:48 mins

Presented by Selina Union Market   //   This showcase features short films where their music or scores are a main characters in the movie.

In this program


Directed by Meysam Jafarinejadsedehi

Women are beautiful and give beauty. Even at the last moment of their lives.


Directed by Miguel Gallardo

A woman’s escape to the beach becomes a desperate quest for self-liberation when she’s confronted with an enigmatic…

Son of a Gun

Directed by Kelly King

A stay-at-home accountant’s life is changed when a mysterious woman with a large box claims to know his…

nothing, except everything.

Directed by Wesley Wang

A graduating high schooler navigates a world of seemingly inevitable chaos by finding order in the number 7.


Directed by Ali Kheiri, Kurdman Pouyesh

Adam has three pomegranates. He finds out the first one is rotten. He finds out the second one…


Directed by Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds

A young female artist unravels the beautiful facade that painted over her lover’s abuse.


Directed by Scott Faris

When Byron Sanders, a superhero-obsessed Black kid from South Dallas, seizes an opportunity to go to a predominantly…

The Dreaming

Directed by Maria Allred

The Dreaming takes a surreal and supernatural voyage through Chicago following “The Stranger” as she watches from the…

Dick Control

Directed by Shequeta L. Smith

Richard Tye “Trigga” Simmons, a rich, promiscuous, jet-setting rapper, has a one-night stand with a beautiful groupie who…

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