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  • 1:47:53 mins

Presented by: Capital Sake  //  This showcase features narrative short films whose story is centered around an actor.

In this program


Directed by Honora Talbott

WHEEL is a character-driven comedy about a Wheel of Fortune audition in a less than ideal audition environment….

Kissing in Class

Directed by Hudson Lane

A jealous boyfriend wages a comedic battle against his worst enemy: his girlfriend’s acting career. As their Hollywood…

Savasana, Inc.

Directed by Peter Zizzo, Tony Diaz

A film producer at the breaking point in his marriage schemes to have his actress wife murdered. Things…


Directed by Jasmine Bedingfield, Patrycia Mila Kamska

Streetcar is an observation of an actor’s journey as she prepares to perform a new work, while interrogating…

Fundamental Shapes

Directed by Colin Alistair Campbell

Jacob, an unemployed actor, stumbles into an unusual gig: nude figure model for a fine arts class. When…

Aaron with 2 A’s

Directed by Michael Goldburg

Meet Aaron. He’s starting his 2nd career at age 65… As an actor. What could go wrong?.. AARON…

Main Character Energy

Directed by Sohale Dezfoli

An actor goes into an open call but misses an important detail in the character description.


Directed by Trevor Hembling

A director and actor go head-to-head when the actor wants to use a real bullet for the Russian…

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