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The Worlds Beyond

  • 1:45:51 mins

Presented by: SLR Visuals   //   This showcase features narrative short films with a Fantasy / Sci Fi theme.

In this program


Directed by GAZEBO

A story of rural Japan in the near future. In this depopulated town, “cutting-edge technology” coexisted with “things…

The Fore-Men

Directed by Adrian Bobb

Weeks after a mysterious time-compression event violently splices environments from the past into the present, two survivors encounter…


Directed by Bryerly Long

In the near future, parents who have paid to genetically enhance their children wonder if they have made…

Pretty Ugly

Directed by Kate Lavin

In an advertisement laden landscape, an ugly woman is pursued by a beautifying robot. The Beauty Bot possesses…


Directed by Seungmin Cho

Only few tenacious human writers (Brian, Edward, and Alice) remain in the realm of creation while flawlessly beautiful…


Directed by Robbie Bryan

At a magical bar, spirits from the other side are able to take the form of another human…


Directed by Matthew Luhrman

Determined to save her father from a worsening illness, an imaginative girl attempts to conjure magical guardians to…


Directed by Maximillien Rolland

The red-lipped model lives in the showcase of a women’s clothing boutique on a commercial street. One day,…

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