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Laugh Medicine

  • 1:46:29 mins

Presented by LA-TI-DO  //  This showcase features films with a comedy element.

In this program

The Sperm Bank

Directed by Margaux Calla Susi

Newly diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, 23-year-old Rob must now take the first big step…masturbate into a…

The Karens

Directed by Katie Goodman

Welcome to the support group for people named Karen. Believe it or not, there are some people out…

Sorry Grandpa Hsiao

Directed by Candace Ho

Desperate for a promotion, a Chinese American woman enlists her “perfect” brother to help exploit her grandpa’s death…

Out of Water

Directed by Madi Stine

When a disenchanted mermaid-for-hire is mistaken for a real one, she plays along to disastrous consequences.

Wake Up

Directed by Josh Kasselman

A woman is woken up by an intruder. She gives him a lesson he won’t forget.

Lunch Tattoo

Directed by Nicholas Luciano

Lunch Tattoo is an indie comedy short about two friends who are getting their first tattoo in an…


Directed by Razan Ghalayini

On the day that Randa Shaarawi tells her family that she doesn’t want to go to college so…

About Alice

Directed by Howie Kremer

About Alice is a short film about a woman who is afraid to fail at her dream of…


Directed by Dan Hollywood

Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his…


Directed by Georgina Haig

Bereft after the loss of her beloved Dad James, Frances misses the appointment to pick up his ashes….

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