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The Karens

Directed by Katie Goodman

Welcome to the support group for people named Karen. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who are named Karen. That’s their actual name. People who must walk through their days knowing the very name their parents gave them is now an insult. This film is for them. We’ve all seen angry and entitled ‘Karens’— throwing tantrums on the internet, threatening to call the police on bird-watchers of color, yelling at fast-food workers, making a scene in a Walmart. Many have wondered if, in a time of frustration, we were being too much of a Karen. Join us at your local community center where women named Karen come together to support each other through this cruel twist of fate. A riotous short film from comedian Katie Goodman and the women of the internationally-touring, award-winning, satirical comedy show Broad Comedy. Take a seat, Karen. We’re here for you.

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Laugh Medicine

Presented by LA-TI-DO  //  This showcase features films with a comedy element.

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